n Hi! We are Clay and Laura, a husband &
wife photography team that specializes in
wedding and portrait photography.
We believe a photograph has the potential
to transport you back to the moment it was
taken. To bring you back to the feelings
of love, excitement, anticipation, and joy.

Making your experience personal and
memorable from our first meeting through
receiving your images and beyond is our passion.
Our clients become more than that,
they become friends!
"We do not remember days, we remember moments." ~ Cesara Pavese

We consider ourselves natural light lifestyle photographers. We seek out natural light in outdoor (or indoor!) spaces. Light bouncing from a wall in an urban setting, glowy light through the trees in a field, or a window in the comfort of your home. We want to capture your life the way it is. We want you to look at our photos and bring you back to that moment to feel and nearly touch the beauty, the emotion, and the love. 

The few years have brought us a new adventure: parenthood. On New Year's Eve 2013 we welcomed to the world our first beautiful boy. Almost 2 years later to the day, on January 5th, 2016 his little brother joined our family. This time of life is so sweet, but it's also taught us that while the days can be long, the years are SO short. We find ourselves wanting to savor and hold on to each moment and imprint it on our hearts and minds forever. Photography helps with that doesn't it?! There is absolutely nothing in this world that brings us such joy as parenthood (and let's be honest, sometimes it's utterly exhausting!) and yet it is showing us how our love for each other and our little ones grow with every new step and stage. 

We want to help you capture your moments. Your wedding, the birth of your child, your family all dressed up, or simply capturing the daily moments of life at home. We want to help you imprint these moments not only in your minds and hearts, but in your hands to have and to hold forever. 

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know us, we can't wait to meet you! 

PHOTOGRAPHY is AARON SISKUND a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.
What you have caught on film is
captured forever... it remembers
little things, long after you have
forgotten everything."

capturing your story through our lens to look back on today, tomorrow, and always


About Us photos by Samantha Polanco Photography - thanks Sam! 

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