How many photos will i receive? 

Typically for any wedding clients receive between 75-100 photos per hour of shooting. We go through a process of culling your images, so you get the best of the best! For a 10 hour wedding you can expect betweem 750-1000 images.

For portrait sessions, we offer a few different options for you to choose from!

Can I give you a list of specific shots that I like? 

Absolutely! Pinterest is awesome for this. We love when clients share their photography vision with us. We take your vision or a pose and allow the photos to organically grow from there. We also have lots and lots of poses up our sleeves. So don't be worried if you don't have an idea either. 

Do I have rights to the digital images? 

Yes! This was really important for us when choosing our wedding photographer so we do the same for you whether it be your wedding or portrait session. Of course, we believe that a beautiful photograph is best showcased with professional lab services and we try to keep our prices low and competitive so you don't feel like you have t go to Costco or Target to print. And the beauty of our online delivery system is that you can print right from the site from a professional lab! We can customize a package that includes prints for you, or you can purchase a la carte after your wedding or session. Because you have personal rights to your photos, you are also able to download the images and print where you choose. 

Do you use a 2nd shooter, backup camera, & have liability insurance? 

Yes, yes, and yes! Weddings ALWAYS have a 2nd shooter. This ensures a variety of perspectives to capture your day. Depending on the portrait or family session, Clay or Laura (or both!) will photograph.

When will I receive my photos? 

For wedding photos, you will receive a sneak peek within a week, and the online gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks from your wedding.
For portrait sessions, you will receive a sneak peek within 3 days, and the online gallery within 2-3 weeks from your session.

Why don't I get a cd/ dvd/ or usb? 

With new technology comes progress, right?  (The new Mac Books don't even have a CD or USB slots, so we knew we had to do something different.) We have started using an online gallery/ sharing site that we absolutely love love love- called Pixieset. We upload your photos, and the beauty is you can download the images (and yes, they are high res, just like you would get on a CD/ DVD!) immediately from the site)
The even better news? You can share your photos with your friends, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Great Aunt Betty and they can download images themselves too! No copying of DVDs, no emailing photos, no extra cost to buy a CD/DVD to share your images with others, and no trips to the Post Office. You have control. And of course, since we're in the age of social media, Pixieset makes it super easy to post your beautiful images to sites like Facebook and Pinterest. We can't say enough about it, and the best part is, you'll get your photos delivered faster ;)

Will all of my photos be edited? 

Every photo we give to our clients goes through some kind of editing for exposure, color correction, giving it that extra punch, or to take out that funky sign in the background that just shouldn’t be there. As far as black and white photos, we use our creative eye to determine if a photo should be in black and white as well as color. Most of the time as soon as we see a photo we know if it should be in black and white.

Can I ask you to make a photo black and white? 

As mentioned, some photos in your gallery will come black and white. Usually when we edit we "feel" if a photo should be in black and white. If you see a photo that is in color or B&W and want the opposite, you have up to 10 conversions if you would like any changes. Anything additional is billed per hour.

Do you make albums? 

Yes! We love creating albums for our clients! It's the best way to get your photos off your computer and showcased to view for years to come. Album designs are done in house by Laura, and a digital copy sent to the client to review. This collaborative process ensures your album is presented to you exactly as you envision it. Album designs include family session albums, parent albums, sign in albums, wedding albums, and much more.

What's next? How do I book you? 

In order to reserve your wedding date or portrait session, we request a 50% deposit and a signed contract. Contact us through the [contact] form or email Laura at laura@walkingeaglephotography.com. Can't wait to hear from you!!

~ Clay & Laura

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